Have Cheap Stock Images for Free or Pay for Them a Little

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The power of the Internet and technology can do wonders for your business. Imagine what cheap stock images can do. The Internet can be a great tool to find the perfect stock images for your blog, website or presentation. If you have been searching for high quality images that you get for cheap or for free, there are a number of stock photo websites that are useful. You can use them alone or in combination, as long as you find what you need.

Avoid copyright infringement. Before you pull out images from websites, you need to make sure that you are not breaking any copyright infringement laws. Copyright infringement puts you at risk to pesky legal issues. You need the license or permission to use someone’s image to avoid legal and financial damages.

Some people will allow you to use their images if you credit them on your website or presentation. Others ask for a link back to their website from yours. If you are smart, you will get your images from stock photo websites. For a very low price, you can purchase, download and use images anyway you like for as long as you want.

Pay a little for stock images. If you are looking for consistency in image quality, well, you have to pay for it. Fortunately, many stock photo sites have flexible plans that allow you to acquire images for low, low prices. In many cases, prices vary according to the size of the image. However, many stock sites are starting to change the norm. They now offer the same price for all sizes.

Get cheap stock images for free. You can get stock images for free as they are scattered around the Internet, but they are not the ones we are talking about. When we say free, we are referring to the free images that stock sites offer to their creative members. Some websites, such as Shutterstock, offer free photos of the week when you set up an account. This is a great opportunity for you to download images for future usage without spending a dime.

There are many free and cheap stock images in various resources. You get them for very low prices or free of charge when you sign up to your favored stock photo website. Some of the best stock sites in the market include Shutterstock, iStock and Depositphotos. You can check out these websites to find out which best suits your creative needs and budget. To save yourself more money, visit stockphotosecrets.com to acquire active and valid coupon codes.

If you like to get more information about the stock photo websites and their corresponding coupon codes, go to Stock Photo Secrets. You can also check out the website’s image library.

Get Your Shutterstock Free Downloads!

shutterstock-logoEverybody loves free. As a bunch of marketers, we’re all over it. We deal in free. We dream of free. We eat, sleep, live and breathe free. And, as a fellow marketer, you know a good deal when you see one.

This is one of those good deals. Shutterstock offers free downloads. It’s one of those little-known features that Shutterstock that they don’t really advertise. In fact, you’ll only really know about it if you already have a Shutterstock account.

Let’s begin by telling you a little bit about Shutterstock – home of the largest library on the net.

Home of the Largest Library on the Net

Shutterstock is everything a marketer needs. You see, marketing is both an art and science. We have to have a creative flair in order to create our marketing campaigns – that’s the art part. It’s a science because everything we do gets scrutinized, measured, tweaked and made better. Marketing is one of those fields that refines you over time.


Shutterstock has a library with over 60 million files. Each and every day, over 50,000 files are contributed. They have stock photos, editorial photos, vectors, video footage and music files. We are always looking for ways to think outside the box. This includes looking for a new marketing avenues. The biggest and fastest-growing marketing channel is videos. How do we create ads that are visually appealing and engaging? With Shutterstock music and videos, of course!

What We Love about Shutterstock

Shutterstock is incredibly easy to use. Who wants to use a microstock agency that’s hard to use, doesn’t deliver on its promises, and makes for a frustrating experience? I know I don’t. It sports a comfortable look and smooth navigation experience, plus they have a large community of contributors and customers.

Are you a contributor? Do you wish to know how to make it in the photography industry? Go to Shutterstock – this is how you do it.

What to Expect When You Use Shutterstock

When you use Shutterstock, you’ll get more than you expected. Check this out.

  • Over 3 million video clips – 2.5 million in high definition.
  • Been in business since 2003.
  • Built from the ground up by a photographer, for photographers.
  • Royalty-free licenses are not always the same. Shutterstock royalty-free license offers advantages over its competition.
  • Shutterstock is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

shutterstock free

Two Free Photos Every Tuesday

Every Tuesday, Shutterstock offers two free images. One is a vector image and the other is a stock photo. To get your hands on these free images, follow these four simple steps.

  1. Register for your free account by clicking here.
  2. Sign into your new Shutterstock account.
  3. Find their free images on their blog by clicking here.
  4. Download the images.

It really doesn’t get any simpler than that, folks. Go on – get your free images today!