About Us

Media Image Coach is who you need when you want to learn Photography and Designs. I am here today writing who I am and what I am doing in this blog. So, basically from the name of this blog, I will be your coach for you to learn photography. I am a photographer since 2005 and still doing this as of this writing. My blog just came to birth recently and I hope you don’t find this boring. I am very much pleased to be your coach. So maybe you are now asking how can he coach me if I am not physically his student. Well, a very good question. Nowadays, coaching online is not impossible to happen anymore. With the current generation and technology, almost everything is now possible. So what I am going to do I will be doing some webinar or the meeting online which will be open for all aspiring photographers. I will be posting some schedules here in my blog. I will also be publishing some articles that you can read as your photography learning guide. I like writing too so you can expect more tips on the blog section of this site. I am not limited to training how to shoot but also, let me help you to earn out of your photos taken.

So that’s it! Thank you for reading about me and thank you also for your time.